Blogging About My Adventures as a New Backyard Beekeeper

Prepping for ‘Game Day’ April 19, 2011

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So, we’re T-minus 7 days from the Big Day, and I am starting to get nervous. My mother and I still have some prepping to do and I suddenly feel like we’re out of time (even though we have all week. Deep breath, relax…) We still need to get our hives all set up outside on their cinder-block stands and create a good water bowl for the bees. We still have a few frames to put foundation in, and we still need to try out the smoker.
Now that I’ve written out that list, it doesn’t seem so bad. We’ve already painted the hives and assembled 50 frames and put foundation in about 40 of them. Since our neighbors and friends already think we’re crazy, my mother and I decided to go a little crazy with painting the hives (see photo). Hopefully we look properly insane now. I wouldn’t want to disappoint. It’s too bad the bee suit has to stay white-I would definitely tie dye it, or something equally wacky.
This week I will be pouring over my notes from the bee class I took…It seems so long ago, but it really only ended last month. Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated so far this Spring, so our teacher has not had his official Spring ‘hive opening’-which would allow my mother and I to actually get close to a working hive and get acquainted with the idea that this is what we’ll be doing…So, we’re going into this a little blind, but that’s OK. Experienced beekeepers are all very friendly and supportive of new beekeepers, and I know that help is only a phone call away.
It’s very interesting, now that I have become somewhat immersed in the ‘beekeeping world’, beekeeping is kind of like being a part of a secret society; You don’t know it until you become one, but there are beekeepers everywhere! Now when my mother or I mention to someone that we keep bees (or will be soon), that someone always seems to know someone else who also keeps bees! I have had many stories like this so far, and I’ve only been talking about beekeeping for a couple of months.Hopefully I can enlist a brave soul to take photos or video of my mom and I on Game Day. I have a feeling it will make for great entertainment.

Until then-

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