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Busy as Bees June 19, 2011

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Hello all!

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and I have a few more pictures to share. Since my last post, my mother and I have done several more inspections. We generally do them once a week, weather depending, since we can’t open the hive if it is raining or too cold.

Things are going very well so far with the bees! Every inspection has been successful in its own way, and we have learned more with every visit to the hive. Currently, our hives now have 4 boxes. 3 are for brood and the bees personal honey stores. Anything past the third brood box is ‘extra’ and can be harvested by the beekeeper as long as the bees will have enough for winter. Unfortunately, first year hives generally do not produce enough honey for the beekeeper to share in the spoils! Alas, we are still having a lot of fun learning about our girls!

In addition to now having 4 boxes on each hive, we have removed the entrance reducers entirely and will be taking the feeders off this week. Also, the ‘weak’ hive that we were worried about because its progress was much slower than the other is now flourishing and holding its own!

As always, I will try to get more pictures, but we’ve discovered it’s not easy trying to get them while inspecting a hive!

Until next time,