Blogging About My Adventures as a New Backyard Beekeeper

About beekeepingbug February 10, 2011


I am a 20-something looking for a little adventure while trying to do a bit of good in this world. With my every-increasing love for gardening, the honey bee has become a more important figure in my life. Without the honey bee, I would have no garden. On a less poetic note, I watched the Secret Life of Bees with Dakota Fanning and absolutely fell in love with honey bees. If you have not seen it and are in the mood for a feel-good movie, watch it.

My mother and I will both be taking on this new hobby together, and I plan to document our triumphs and mistakes. This blog serves more than one purpose. The first purpose is to act as field notes and document everything that I encounter during my first year of beekeeping. The second purpose is where you, my dear reader, come in. I hope to educate as well as entertain (hopefully) whoever’s out there about the honey bees and their short, but sweet, lives. Enjoy!




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